I spent a very long time writing that piece last night and I need to get to bed earlier tonight, so just a reflection on that experience right now...  It was nerve-wracking!  I rewrote the opening paragraph seven times... I was very anxious and panicky trying to write it.  But once I got into it, … Continue reading Reflection

Impostor Syndrome

I have two people in my family who are professional artists (painters).  One of them is... very average (she makes paintings that I could recreate, and I am absolutely not competent in visual arts).  One of them is extremely talented (she makes paintings I couldn't even begin to understand the skills behind and feel I … Continue reading Impostor Syndrome


I'm having a less than easy night.  It's not terrible - certainly not by the bar set by multiple nights this summer - but not... great. I think it's depression, or at least the leading edge of a depression front. Sir thinks that possibly my feeling is akin to burnout (and potentially that's enough to … Continue reading Output