Bad News

I got some bad news yesterday.  And some bad possibility that won't be answered for a few more days.  And... I just... I just can't. I didn't post last night. I should do a back post tonight to make up for it. But I can't. I can't write now. I feel like I'm living under … Continue reading Bad News

Feeling Things

Hard week.  I keep trying to smile through it, but...  According to the therapist... and the Sir... and probably Dr. Phil (I don't actually pay attention to things he says... but he probably says this...) simply refusing to feel bad feelings doesn't actually make the bad feelings go away. Never one to simply trust other … Continue reading Feeling Things


So walking pneumonia rapidly became ambulance ride and tubes in my arms pneumonia.  Terrific.   And it wasn't my fault!  I took the antibiotics and rested and drank fluids!  I didn't bring it on!  The ER said that pneumonia is just like that... I'm upright again now (lots more antibiotics and steroids later), but still not … Continue reading Sickerness

Low Point

I know.  Another disappearing act.  I owe some people emails.  I will try to get to them, but hopefully this will hold you all until I do. L didn't last.  In fact he didn't last long after my last post here.  He was... incredibly wrong for me.  He is a racist, and that isn't something … Continue reading Low Point