Yes, Sir

I just got back from my workout (walking for a mile).  Sir went with me despite the fact that he already did his run earlier this morning. I have been working up to walking this far ever since the pneumonia and the asthma (which followed the pneumonia just to be sure I could NEVER breathe … Continue reading Yes, Sir


You called me a monster when you found out, found out that I like hurting men. I was sixteen. I thought the worst thing in the world would be being found out, but I was wrong. You found out and then it got worse. You called me a monster. Your own daughter. What had you … Continue reading Monster

The Gift

It is the fear in his eyes that makes my heart beat faster. It is the nervous hitch in his breath that quickens mine, it is sensing that he is afraid that makes saliva rise under my tongue. But it is one thing more… The keystone in the dam that keeps it all this side … Continue reading The Gift