I slept better last night.  A little.  Weird dreams, but I managed to sleep until 10, so... little better. Sir and sub brother have been home (they went away on their own trip) for a couple days now.  But something has been bothering Sir.  He hasn't said that, I just know. The thing is, he … Continue reading Secrets


This is an exploration of some of the events in my previous post - Punishment.  If you haven't read it, be aware that this may reference disturbing concepts or events, please read at your own comfort level. I literally signed in here and then spent twenty minutes looking at old posts instead of writing this … Continue reading Differences


So walking pneumonia rapidly became ambulance ride and tubes in my arms pneumonia.  Terrific.   And it wasn't my fault!  I took the antibiotics and rested and drank fluids!  I didn't bring it on!  The ER said that pneumonia is just like that... I'm upright again now (lots more antibiotics and steroids later), but still not … Continue reading Sickerness