Imperfect Love

I saw this today on Pinterest.  Sometimes it seems that when things are at their darkest, somehow something I need to hear falls in my lap.  At least that would be a nice thing to believe about the universe, wouldn't it?


Some times that decision is easier than others.  Some times you can look at a situation and it rips your heart out of your chest but you know there is, absolutely, without a doubt, no other course of action but to end it all...  Other times... there is doubt.  Those are the bitch of a … Continue reading Euthanasia

Child Wisdom

As my former partner and I were, today, trying to stumble our way through one of our first conversations since a painful and at times ugly parting of our romantic connection, his son was pouting over being denied (justifiably!) a particular sugary treat.  Eventually the four-year-old crawled onto the bed beside his father and told … Continue reading Child Wisdom