Today is better.  Sir stepped things up today and it helped. The dishes are done and put away.  The laundry is done and put away.  The kitchen is clean.  The house is swept.  The fridge has food in it for the week.  I finished all of my school work that I needed done for tomorrow. … Continue reading Ease

Back posting

I KNOW, I missed a day.  I have failed in my commitment.  Sir says that is unreasonable thinking that leads to failure.  I say it's just logic...  The world is a harsh place! He says post two tonight and call it good. I say, he lives in a very pleasant fantasy world that has no … Continue reading Back posting


I finished another school year.  Thank god!  It was a better year than last year.  And my transition (I am famously terrible at transitions) has not been terrible.  I glitched slightly today, but Sir made me stand in the corner ("meditate") which is his new thing, not as punishment, just as sensory deprivation and forcing … Continue reading Perspectives

An Exercise

My therapist says that I dissociate by going to my intellect.  I detach from my emotions and become extremely intellectual, chasing my own logical tail until my paws are bloody... I've written three posts in the last three days.  Every one turns into a rant.  And an intellectual tail-chasing. She says when I do that, … Continue reading An Exercise