This month is the five year anniversary of T's death.  He attempted this week, five years ago.  He died five years ago at the end of the month.  Sometimes I can't believe it's been five years already.  Sometimes I can't believe it's been only five years. I spent most of this weekend deeply depressed. … Continue reading Memories

Bad News

I got some bad news yesterday.  And some bad possibility that won't be answered for a few more days.  And... I just... I just can't. I didn't post last night. I should do a back post tonight to make up for it. But I can't. I can't write now. I feel like I'm living under … Continue reading Bad News


There was another shooting today. It's just this thing we do here in the United States. You might expect this in, you know, a developing nation, a nation torn by warfare and civil strife, or... the United States. Currently the little news I've been given access to (Sir declared no screen time for the majority … Continue reading Humanity

The Broken Ones

I had a good day! I know, right?  About damn time! So, first I had brunch in Boulder with my mom and my brother.  Nobody said anything stupid and pissed-off making.  And then we even went and shopped in Peppercorn (which is a stupid expensive awesome quirky housewares shop).  I love Peppercorn! Then I came … Continue reading The Broken Ones

Feeling Things

Hard week.  I keep trying to smile through it, but...  According to the therapist... and the Sir... and probably Dr. Phil (I don't actually pay attention to things he says... but he probably says this...) simply refusing to feel bad feelings doesn't actually make the bad feelings go away. Never one to simply trust other … Continue reading Feeling Things