A random bit of writing inspired by events of the evening...  Sorry not much commentary here.  I'm tired, it's late, and I'm under threats of dire consequences if my "ass is not in bed in the next thirty seconds..."  Are dominance and a tendency to hyperbole carried on the same gene or something?  Seriously... It … Continue reading Irony


Trig pads across the carpet until he stands a long step from David’s feet. David lets his head roll to one side and gazes silently at Trig for a long moment. I look at Trig, too. The muscles in his throat twitch and his eyes seem focused on empty space. For just a second the … Continue reading Penance


He catches his lip between his teeth and holds it lightly as he turns his head, brushing his cheek against the black leather surface of the bench. I let the cane come to rest, lightly this time, against his skin, so pale but for a single, pink stripe, rapidly darkening to crimson. I lay one … Continue reading Need