So this evening my BFF texted me (and I hopefully won't share anything she doesn't want shared...) Basically she just appreciated that I share on my blog but didn't want to feel one-sided (sharing in our relationship) and shared some things in her life and thinking with me, and it was so... awesome... And we … Continue reading Friendship

The Broken Ones

I had a good day! I know, right?  About damn time! So, first I had brunch in Boulder with my mom and my brother.  Nobody said anything stupid and pissed-off making.  And then we even went and shopped in Peppercorn (which is a stupid expensive awesome quirky housewares shop).  I love Peppercorn! Then I came … Continue reading The Broken Ones


So...  my WordPress account was hacked and infected with malware.  This led to it being shut down until I could correct the problem.  I received the notification about a month ago and didn't do anything about it (Sir says we'll be discussing that later...) but I figured it wasn't as if anybody was going to … Continue reading Hacked!