So this evening my BFF texted me (and I hopefully won't share anything she doesn't want shared...) Basically she just appreciated that I share on my blog but didn't want to feel one-sided (sharing in our relationship) and shared some things in her life and thinking with me, and it was so... awesome... And we … Continue reading Friendship

The Broken Ones

I had a good day! I know, right?  About damn time! So, first I had brunch in Boulder with my mom and my brother.  Nobody said anything stupid and pissed-off making.  And then we even went and shopped in Peppercorn (which is a stupid expensive awesome quirky housewares shop).  I love Peppercorn! Then I came … Continue reading The Broken Ones


So...  my WordPress account was hacked and infected with malware.  This led to it being shut down until I could correct the problem.  I received the notification about a month ago and didn't do anything about it (Sir says we'll be discussing that later...) but I figured it wasn't as if anybody was going to … Continue reading Hacked!


These are the words of my best friend who has acute leukemia for the third time.  He gave me permission to translate his words to English and to share them here.  ~~ When Death offers you the grace of warning, do you waste the time you're gifted in misery, agony, suffering, grieving, and painful denial?  … Continue reading Dying