This poem is by Shel Silverstein.  I need to hear this today.  I need to believe this today.  I think Sir and sub brother can use this, too, so I am going to work on believing it for them, as well.

I Remember

I remember monsters under the bed. I remember earthquakes. I remember playing with my neighbor's Barbie dolls and wondering if they would melt in the drier. I remember wondering if crayons would melt in the drier, too.  They do. I remember Mt. St. Helens and cars covered with ash.  The TV news was showing the … Continue reading I Remember


do you ever read something so simple and yet profound, something that touches a place inside of you, so deep that you suddenly want to die, because of the beauty of it? maybe that's just me.

Ordinary Girl

Such an ordinary girl, don’t you look it. Come on, tell us, tell us, ordinary girl. First date, first kiss… Naw, I don’t feel like telling. Come on, tell us, tell us, ordinary girl. First love, first base… You don’t want to know. Sure we do, tell us, tell us, ordinary girl. First time, all … Continue reading Ordinary Girl