Helpless – SFD

"Lia..." I set my jaw stubbornly and swipe open the news story.  People shot, politicians, at a baseball practice, government leaders reaching across the aisle to express sympathy, shared calls for unity and humanity. Sir has already warned me twice.  I'm not to be on devices today.  "No screen time," he said this morning, "You … Continue reading Helpless – SFD


I had a rough day yesterday.  I made some poor choices about caring for myself and my body.  Last night I was punished for those choices.  This morning I was... not punished really, because it wasn't for something I did wrong, but... I was punished.  Because I can't use better words than that because I … Continue reading Perspectives


This is an exploration of some of the events in my previous post - Punishment.  If you haven't read it, be aware that this may reference disturbing concepts or events, please read at your own comfort level. I literally signed in here and then spent twenty minutes looking at old posts instead of writing this … Continue reading Differences

The Gift

It is the fear in his eyes that makes my heart beat faster. It is the nervous hitch in his breath that quickens mine, it is sensing that he is afraid that makes saliva rise under my tongue. But it is one thing more… The keystone in the dam that keeps it all this side … Continue reading The Gift