Moving Day!

Since Christmas is coming and I'm already broke, I decided to spend money I don't have to get better paid hosting (I don't want to pay for another year of crappiness...) I'm super responsible. I'm not sure why the guys are still with me. It's been that kind of a month.  Already. Anyway, WordPress … Continue reading Moving Day!


I've been having a very difficult time. Medications are making some things easier, but ironically, unlocking doors to other things that my anxiety had been keep securely shut. Last week I had several... conflicts... with people.  None of them were huge.  All of them resolved easily and calmly.  Most of them weren't even my fault, … Continue reading Hating


I'm in a lot of trouble.  It seems to be that kind of season... I got punished after work today, and I'm getting punished again tonight, and I'm banned from Facebook indefinitely. And I feel incredibly lonely. I'm very stressed about being punished. And I'm very ashamed.  I'm ashamed of this aspect of my relationship … Continue reading Alone


I have a friend I've mentioned here before.  He is a writer and runs an uber-popular professional blog about writing.  Because I am a kind of geyser and sit quietly for a long time building up pressure before having explosions of risk-taking, I have followed him and chatted with him in small ways for quite … Continue reading Seen!


I've been reading some older posts that I don't completely remember writing... like my brain has lost it's corollary effect and no longer intrinsically recognizes the writing as my own, even though I understand on an intellectual level that it is my writing. My quite old writing, I hate no matter how much time has … Continue reading Distance


I'm having anxiety. Probably because I ate a bunch of eggs the last three days. I'm allergic to eggs.  Though, technically, not...  because I don't have an IgE reaction to them.  I don't have an IgA reaction, either, I don't think... at least the last test didn't show one. Despite modern science, however, my body … Continue reading Anxiety


Ugh! I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia a couple of weeks ago (on top of iron-deficient anemia).  That means that my body makes antibodies to the cells that line my stomach.  The cells which produce stomach acid and intrinsic factor.  Intrinsic factor is a protein which binds to B12 (the vitamin) and allows it to … Continue reading Needles!