I feel like... since I've been doing this "write every day, what a brilliant idea!" thing... I've felt, overall, a lot more... emotional upheaval, directly related to posting here.  I have emotional upheaval all the time for other reasons, obviously, but there's a particular flavor that is... this... daily writing. And it isn't the DOING … Continue reading Loneliness


After I post, I usually go and check my blog to make sure the post looks the way I want (and because I'm such a good writer, I revise AFTER I publish...)  And I sometimes notice my revolver map (lower right hand side) and see other people blinking on the map.  Tonight there are two … Continue reading Visitors

A Shadow Life

So...  I talk about it often but never do it.  I probably should try NOT talking about it and ACTUALLY doing it... but... baby steps. I'm going to try to write more.  Like...  Every day.  For a year.  I don't know why I decided to do this.  It did lead to an interesting conversation with … Continue reading A Shadow Life


I had a rough day yesterday.  I made some poor choices about caring for myself and my body.  Last night I was punished for those choices.  This morning I was... not punished really, because it wasn't for something I did wrong, but... I was punished.  Because I can't use better words than that because I … Continue reading Perspectives