Being Sir

While I acknowledge that a triad relationship is innately very difficult (even more than normal relationships, which are hella, stupid hard), I sometimes think Sir has it the hardest.  I'm sure the grass is always... harder...? on the other side, but... We had a rough weekend.  We've all been sick, like, seriously, passing viruses around.  … Continue reading Being Sir


Today is better.  Sir stepped things up today and it helped. The dishes are done and put away.  The laundry is done and put away.  The kitchen is clean.  The house is swept.  The fridge has food in it for the week.  I finished all of my school work that I needed done for tomorrow. … Continue reading Ease

Bad Week

It's Friday night.  Sir came home a little while ago with K and J.  I got sent upstairs to do my blog.  I'm irritated about that.  And I'm irritated at the power dynamic in the house right now.  I'm trying to tell myself that I'm projecting because I'm pissed off about a power dynamic at … Continue reading Bad Week

Out of Place

Depression is trying to grab hold of me again today, so I'm fighting it... with all the energy that hasn't already been sucked into depression. So... mostly I'm sitting here resisting curling up in front of the TV. Hooah! I had a pretty busy week for a summer week when I'm not working, and I … Continue reading Out of Place

Helpless – SFD

"Lia..." I set my jaw stubbornly and swipe open the news story.  People shot, politicians, at a baseball practice, government leaders reaching across the aisle to express sympathy, shared calls for unity and humanity. Sir has already warned me twice.  I'm not to be on devices today.  "No screen time," he said this morning, "You … Continue reading Helpless – SFD