I'm having anxiety. Probably because I ate a bunch of eggs the last three days. I'm allergic to eggs.  Though, technically, not...  because I don't have an IgE reaction to them.  I don't have an IgA reaction, either, I don't think... at least the last test didn't show one. Despite modern science, however, my body … Continue reading Anxiety


Ugh! I was diagnosed with pernicious anemia a couple of weeks ago (on top of iron-deficient anemia).  That means that my body makes antibodies to the cells that line my stomach.  The cells which produce stomach acid and intrinsic factor.  Intrinsic factor is a protein which binds to B12 (the vitamin) and allows it to … Continue reading Needles!


I took down Sub Brother, and Sir is teetering. I'm not allowed to talk about it in those terms, but... it's true.  My issues over the last six months have put a significant strain on the household.  I've had many many days and nights of screaming flashbacks, sometimes lasting hours, or coming in clusters and … Continue reading Broken

Hell Hole

Well... Not that I'm on the outside or anything, but I've at least crawled high enough up the side of my hole to have some perspective on its depth... That's a fucking deep hole! This summer has been... probably the worst of my life since I was a kid.  And, in some ways, it triggered … Continue reading Hell Hole